Strategy for University Lecturing

A veteran lecturer, Zuzana was realistic about the challenge ahead. A good professor doesn't spout information; she uses language to elucidate the darkness and straighten the tangled. But imagine doing this in a foreign language! And quickly reacting to students' questions!

Considering the money students pay, it's easy to find anger online about professors with poor accents and inferior language.

Together with Martin, Zuzana combed through each lecture, verifying terms, practicing explanations, and discussing teaching methods and ways to manage typical difficulties during lectures.

“I am not a proofreader,” explains Martin. “Rather, I repair at the core whatever inhibits my students' success and enjoyment. It's not enough for students to simply be able to do a job; they should experience joy and confidently handle unexpected situations.”

Zuzana is now teaching her sixth semester of Microeconomics in English, improving all the time.

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