Effective Communication

1. Giving a Report


You can do this when you speak precisely and concretely so that people don’t question your meaning.  They may disagree with your facts or opinions, but they don’t need to waste time understanding your point. This course, which consists of six lessons, will help you develop your business vocabulary. You will practise how to planexecute and close your presentation when giving a report. 

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2. Job Interview Preparation   


Your resumé (CV) might be perfect, but so are your competitors'. For the interview, superior language skills enable you to accurately and relevantly share your cultural and professional expertise.

Our 6-lesson intensive course will help you calmly enter your interview with focused confidence.

At the end of our course you will know and understand:

  • What interviewers look for during an interview - and how well you match up
  • How to express yourself clearly using a set of speaking strategies
  • How to navigate various degrees of formality across cultures
  • How to communicate with different personalities and "read between the lines"

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Acing the Interview 

Diaper CEO on Job Interviews


3. Lecturing & Facilitating Training 


After this course you'll be able to ...

Course Framework and Methodology

Language and Soft Skills Most Addressed

  • Create engaging and content-full visual presentations
  • Make maximal use of oral skills – tone of voice, timing of pauses
  • Instinctually meet trainees’ various learning methods to keep them engaged
  • Anticipate trainee questions and confusions
  • Manage the time aspect of interweaving facilitation with trainee responses
  • Communicate more clearly and persuasively in the target language
Course Framework and Methodology

Pre-class: For each lesson, participants prepare parts of content they intend to use in the classroom or revise those they’ve previously used. These are sent 1-2 days in advance to the LOS consultant, who reviews them for grammar/punctuation and general content quality and returns them before class.

During class: Participants present their content, usually 10-15 minutes apiece. The consultant comments on four areas: vocabulary, grammar, content, style. Participants also critique one another. The entire class is recorded.

Following class: The consultant sends each participant a written summary of Points to Work On for the week, which includes points specific to that individual and general points for all regarding presentation technique. As well, the recorded lesson is sent.

Course as a whole: Each lesson further develops skills previously addressed. The weekly advice builds presentation skills organically; their undergirding logic helps them become second nature.

Language and Soft Skills Most Addressed
  • Basic vocabulary and grammar help
  • Effective use of voice tone
  • Language style (maintaining a balance between technical and common language)
  • Sensitivity toward trainee needs and learning approaches
  • Managing one’s own fears and blockages when facilitating in a foreign language – how to maintain control even when nothing turns out quite as expected and mistakes are made
  • Exploring the meaning and purpose for learning and how facilitation style impacts trainees long-term

You can read one of our clients' success stories here.

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