Diaper CEO Course

Hi! My name is Martin Norling. I founded LOS Language Online Services in January 2013. In September 2013, my first son Samuel was born. I sometimes call myself a Diaper CEO; changing diapers and creating a business plan for a completely new concept went hand-in-hand. A Cambridge certified English teacher with 19 years of experience, I also work as a freelance management and sales coach at a premium international consultancy firm, where I have trained hundreds of managers in how to develop their teams to improve company results. Learning from years of successes and failures, I have developed a set of management and language skills that I'd like to share with you in this course.    

Are you a leader responsible for running an international team? 

Is the lingua franca you use with your team a challenge sometimes?


Modern management of international teams requires different leaders than old-times management did. Effectiveness in today's world is not just about best practices - it means willingness to transform one's self, one's attitudes and approaches toward the magnificent range of people and cultures our world holds. In my 10-lesson Diaper CEO course, I coach each student in long-term personal application, providing core principles your people need.


Diaper CEO in a Nutshell


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