English Compound Nouns

Welcome to the challenging and fun world of English compound nouns!

Compound nouns are integral to everyday life.  

These words are composed of two or more individual nouns joined together to form a new word. The purpose is clear – to combine the meaning of both words. For example, "work place" = workplace, the place where you go to work and earn money.

Compound nouns take multiple, unpredictable forms. 

For example, notice the placement of “hill” in these next compound nouns. "Hilltop" = the top of a hill. But "anthill" = the sandy hill created by ants making their home. "Hill" can be in first or second place. Why? What’s the rule? Well, there is none. Yeah, it's about practice. The more, the better. 

Watch the following video and check our Compound Freaks Game below.  

Compound Freaks Game


Rearrange the jumbled letters below to form a 'base' word for these three compound nouns. The number of empty boxes indicates how many letters this 'base' word consists of.

..... attachment ..... address ..... credentials
. . . . .
m l a i e

Use each letter twice if needed.

Well done!

email attachment email address email credentials
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